Apartments Boží Dar

An oasis of comfort and beauty in the heart of the Ore Mountains: welcome to the Jurica Apartments in Boží Dar!

Apartments 84

Newly built in 2008 – these are apartments 84. There are 13 apartments in the house, 3 of which are wheelchair accessible. Total capacity is 61 beds + extra beds. The house has two common rooms with fireplace and bathroom, so it is suitable for conferences, large family celebrations, weddings, etc…

Apartments 86

Apartments 86 was built in 1877 as a guesthouse. In 1991 the house was renovated to its present form. The reconstruction was carried out with regard to the history of the building and a god’s torment and a lookout tower were added, from which the whole of God’s Gift is overlooked. Apartments 86 have a capacity of 45 beds + extra beds and are suitable for teambuilding, camps or celebrations thanks to the large common room with fireplace, kitchen and terrace.

Apartments 88

In 2017, our Apartments 88 were put into operation. During the reconstruction, the original elements were preserved, along with historical photographs and period objects, creating a pleasant home-like atmosphere. The house has a capacity of 31 persons + extra beds. It is suitable for families with children, sportsmen or family gatherings.

Apartments 126

Apartments 126 is a newly renovated historic cottage built in 1841. During the reconstruction, its original architectural elements were preserved, creating a pleasant mountain atmosphere. The total capacity of the house is 17 beds + extra beds. The property is suitable for small family parties, camps or holidays for families with children thanks to the equipped kitchen, common room and terrace.

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